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We treat the mind and body

By harnessing the power of your mind and body, you can achieve extraordinary results. We use a combination of customized nootropics and non-ordinary therapy to supplement your body's biology and deepen your therapeutic journey.

Why is this Non-Ordinary? Listen to our Chief Therapy Officer explain what makes us different.

Our science-based approach

Proven results for those suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and more. Get started by selecting one of our therapists and a nootropic stack.


We are proven leaders in psychedelic support, hypnosis, dreamwork,  breathwork, and meditation.  We train our therapists to access the deeper parts of ourselves that take much longer to reach with traditional therapy.

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Ensure your brain is getting all the essential nutrients it needs to operate at its best and extraordinary outcomes happen.

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Our unique combination of therapy, nootropics, and non-ordinary states of consciousness is a proven path to increasing your neuroplasticity.

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Select your customized stack

Improve your brain health and support your therapeutic work. Our nootropic supplements are a natural way to boost your neuroplasticity and enhance your well-being. Customize your nootropic blends based on your specific needs.

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Increase energy and less fatigue

Improve your learning and memory

Clear brain fog

Boost metabolism

Meet a non-ordinary therapist

Our therapists are licensed and trained in multiple therapy techniques that go deep to access unconscious emotions that may be blocked and at the root cause of your pain.
We let you choose.
The importance of an alliance between you and your therapist cannot be overstated. Find your unique connection with a therapist with FREE introduction session.
What we treat.
We currently work with adults in a wide variety of specializations from: anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, relationships, substance abuse, identity issues, psychedelic support, and more.

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In-network coverage

Looking for a therapist covered by your insurance? We work with major insurance companies providing you with seamless approvals - often times treatment entirely covered and cost free.