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Regina Cofrin + Dream On Stack - The Non-Ordinary Therapy Co.
Regina Cofrin + Dream On Stack - The Non-Ordinary Therapy Co.
Regina Cofrin + Dream On Stack - The Non-Ordinary Therapy Co.
Regina Cofrin + Dream On Stack - The Non-Ordinary Therapy Co.

    Regina Cofrin + Dream On Stack


    ­čÄôDoctorate ­čÄôGestalt therapy ­čžáHypnotherapy┬á­č笭čçŞ┬áSpanish speaking

    Dr. Regina Cofrin is a certified Gestalt Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. She is also bi-lingual in Spanish and a graduate professor in mental health counseling. Dr. Cofrin specializes in anxiety, bipolar disorders, eating disorders, PTSD, anger management, impulse disorder, depression and ADD/ADHD. Dr. Cofrin is committed to provide consistent care to help you to discover who you are underneath the many layers and masks that keep you from feeling whole, complete and satisfied. She is compassionate and her creed is that true connection and communication aide in facilitating change through the awareness of the power of the mind and the powers of the Now. She will help you to make authentic contact with yourself through Higher Consciousness bringing you into Enlightenment. Dr. Cofrin helps you to create magical moments for healing and caters to your individual needs. You will grow in confidence and be able to affirm yourself.

    Accepts: Aetna, Cigna, Oscar Health, Oxford, United Health Care

    Designation: LCSW-R


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